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3rd Ward is closed — but we’ve got your back


We were completely shocked to learn about 3rd Ward’s abrupt closing the other night. 3rd Ward has been a central part of NYC’s learning community and we’ll dearly miss them. 
Hundreds of our users have signed up for 3rd Ward classes through CourseHorse in recent weeks. Unfortunately, 3rd Ward has decided that they will NOT be offering any refunds to students who are enrolled in their classes. 
While it’s our normal policy to follow the refund policy of our school, we think this, well, stinks. 
With that in mind: We’ve decided to issue a 100% credit to CourseHorse users who have lost out due to 3rd Ward’s closing. 
You can use the credit on over 35,000 great classes in the city and our customer support team is standing by to help you find a great replacement class. 
Please reach out to us at if you’ve been impacted. Of course, feel free to email me directly at if you have any questions at all. 

Keep learning, 
Co-Founder, CourseHorse

Through learning we excite our mind, explore our soul, connect with other people and discover the world.